October 6

A Fall Took Me to the Chiropractor’s Office

I had to go see a chiropractor in Sacramento not long ago. Have you ever seen those videos on TV or online where people fall down and are simply hilarious? I have done my fair share of laughing at them too. The only reason they are so funny is because the people are able to get up and laugh about it themselves. I have cringed at times, but that quickly turned into laughter when the person got up on his own. Well, when I fell not long ago at work, there was not a single thing funny about it. Even before I got up, I knew that a visit to a chiropractor in Sacramento was in my immediate future.

Because of work protocols, I had to go to the hospital and be checked out. I had X-rays done as well as some other tests, and then the doctor gave me a prescription for the excruciating pain. He told me that I need to see a chiropractor because of the strain I had put on my back. I had seen a chiropractor in the past, which is how I knew as soon as I felt the pain that I would need to see one. I had not been to a chiropractor in years though, so I asked the doctor if he could recommend one.

He told me about the one that he uses on a regular basis, and I knew that was as good of a recommendation as I would ever get. I decided to make the appointment that day, which was good because I was able to be seen that same afternoon. The chiropractor was able to start my adjustments that day, and I also received instruction on what stretches and exercises to do at home. The best part of this was because I got immediate care, my down time was significantly reduced. I was back at work within a week, and while it was light duty, at least I was back!

Posted October 6, 2017 by Jimmy Dunks in category msarra