January 22

A Quick Adjustment of a Subluxation from a Chiropractor in Capitola CA Got Me Moving Again

... Health Foundation Adventist Medical Center – Selma FoundationWould you ever think in a million years that you could throw your back out putting on your jacket? It was a cool morning, and I put on a light jacket to go outside. Well, I actually got it halfway on before I could not move. I could not even straighten my arm out from how I had it bent to put my jacket on because the pain was so bad. I was making all kinds of noises when my wife came running into the hall to help me straighten out. I called a chiropractor in capitola ca as soon as I could move my arms again.

The last time I hurt my back, it was my lower back. This one was up high. I hurt to move my arms and shoulders. I could feel it burn and ache, especially by moving the right arm a certain way or twisting a certain way. I walked hunched over to the car, and I had a hard time getting in.

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