November 27

Emily Has Decided to Be a Spokesmodel

I am not about to tell you that Emily is not a gorgeous young lady, that would not be the truth. I am a bit concerned at the fact that she has started making plans to become a presenter on TV shows and is talking about getting work done. Of course that means that she has gone to see a bend cosmetic dentistry practice, where they make your teeth look like they do on TV and the movies. It is not really that big of a deal to get your teeth fixed up either, that is not much of a problem for me. In fact I would like to open my mouth and have people wonder how I got a dazzling smile, and it is a bit on the expensive side too. That is not so big of a deal. The other stuff is where I start to get a bit concerned about the possibility of bad stuff happening. Of course I am talking about cosmetic surgery. It seems that this goes without saying in this matter.

Emily has no concerns at all about her face, it is lovely to look at and she knows it. She does thing that her breasts need to be a couple sizes bigger. Of course she is not going to have to worry about that for some time, because it is not going to come out of my pocket and she needs to get some spokes model work if she wants to pay for it herself. I am not against them on principle or any other reason. I just do not think that the risks are worth it, especially since she is not even a fully mature woman just yet. It could be that she could wake up in a few months and decide it was not necessary.

Posted November 27, 2014 by Jimmy Dunks in category msarra