March 5

Finding a Chiropractor for Neck Pain

I have a pain in my neck right now, and no that is not some sort of joke. It is a literal pain in my neck and it has been going on for some time now. It only seems to be getting worse. One day it caused a huge headache that lasted all day, or at least, it seemed like the neck pain caused the headache. I was incapacitated that day, and missed work. So now, I am going to do my best to set up an appointment with a chiropractor in Alexandria VA within the next few days. I think that would be ideal, by all accounts, since I do not want to continue to experience this pain.

I would say that it is rather unpleasant, but that hardly begins to describe the type of pain I am in today. It is by far the worst right now, since the pain started, and I am beginning to think that their might really be something wrong with my neck. I sure hope that is not the case though, and I hope that this is an injury that will go away on its own, or with a little help from some treatment from a chiropractor. Either way, I am just hoping it is not the type of serious injury that would require surgery, and I am beginning to fear that.

The thought of having to get surgery on my neck is really something that makes me anxious. I do not know why it makes me anxious so much. I have had surgery before, and it was not such a bad thing, but the thought of surgery on the neck just makes me cringe. I really do not like to think about it at all, and that is probably quite the understatement honestly.

Posted March 5, 2015 by Jimmy Dunks in category msarra