November 30

I Am Not Letting Retirement Ruin Me Physically

A few years ago my doctor told me I needed to start exercising a whole lot more. I told him I worked eight hours a day and was always moving. He told me he knew that, and he was trying to get me ready for retirement. He told me that all my hobbies and my enjoyment of the outdoors probably would not burn as many calories as I would with my job. I retired a few months later. The first few months were okay. Then I put on weight and was seeing a Sacramento chiropractor for my back. I had more pain now that I was retired than when I worked every day.

My medical doctor warned me about losing muscle mass and being more prone to injury because of it. The chiropractor helped me get moving again, and then put me on an exercise regimen to actually help me build muscle rather than just keep what I had. I worked out and watched what I ate. I was able to do more of the things I enjoy for a whole lot longer period of time. I was getting stronger than I was before I retired. My job took up eight hours a day. It was hard but it was routine. Over the years I found ways to cut corners on the energy expenditure. Now I was expending more energy on purpose and doing weight training.

After that initial setback with my back, I started to do a whole lot better. The pain in my back showed me that I am not invincible. Also, instead of aging gracefully, I met it head on and fought like a lion to keep it at bay. I am actually in better shape now than the day I retired. People tell me that retirement looks good on me, and that I should have done it years ago. Well, I agree with that, but I just did not have the bank account to do it.

Posted November 30, 2016 by Jimmy Dunks in category msarra