March 10

I Had a Lot of Pregnancy Pain

I was really looking forward to being pregnant. As soon as I found out, I couldn’t wait to share the news with the world. I had these visions in my head that it was going to be the most fantastic time. Well, my opinion of that changed quickly when I first had morning sickness, but that was even easy compared to the pain in my lower back. I told my doctor about it, and she is the one who suggested that I see a Turlock chiropractor to help me with the pain.

She explained that a woman’s body obviously changes during a pregnancy, but we can only see what is happening on the outside. What we don’t see is how crowded things are getting on the inside, which can put a lot of stress on different parts of the body. Some women can go an entire pregnancy without problems, and then there are women like me who are miserable because of it. I went to the chiropractor that she recommended that I see, and I was happy to find out that one of his specialties is helping women who have back pain from being pregnant.

He assured me that chiropractic care is perfectly healthy not only for me but my child as well. I had my first adjustment that day, and I actually walked out of his office feeling no pain for the first time in nearly six weeks. I went back once a week for regular adjustments, and I know that those chiropractic visits are what made my pregnancy a joyful event once again. Even though that was nearly a year ago, I still go in at least once a month to have adjustments done, because I just feel so much better all over when I do. Even my husband goes now after seeing the difference in me!

Posted March 10, 2017 by Jimmy Dunks in category msarra