April 4

I Imagine You Probably Would Never Think About a Great Grandmother Looking for a Better Herpes Treatment

lip herpes pictures, herpes on lips treatment, herpes lips symptomsYou probably would not think that a great grandmother who is in her seventies would be looking for a better herpes treatment. However, if you have herpes, you will know what I mean. You would know that there is no way to cure the disease, but that herpes can be managed over a lifetime to reduce the number of outbreaks you have to endure. When I first was diagnosed, there were not any of the fancy antiviral medications that suppress outbreaks. You just had to bear it when it happened. And you kept right on working too. There was no sharing with anyone that you were infected due to the stigma of the disease.

I went from my late forties to now with only a rare outbreak. However, after I gained a few pounds and acquired age-onset diabetes, the outbreaks came back.

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