July 26

I Think Every Man Should Listen to Their Wife More

My wife had chided me about not taking care of myself for years. I always found that annoying, but I began to listen more when I got older and I found myself often in pain. She talked me into seeing a couple of Round Rock chiropractors and I go often now as a regular thing. My wife has even gotten me interested in meditating and yoga now, too! There is no way that I would have believed anyone 20 years ago if they told me that one day I would be meditating, practicing yoga or anything of the sort. But I can see now that it was pretty stupid of me to think that way. These changes have been the best changes that I’ve made in decades.

It started out when I had trouble with my knees. I tried to live with it for a long time, but my doctor finally told me that I was going to need knee surgery. Everything was good for a while, but then the other knee started hurting me. I hope that it would get better, but it kept getting worse. That was when my doctor told me that I would need to have surgery on the second week, too. It didn’t help that I was having back and neck problems too. My wife told me that I weighed too much. I couldn’t be mad at her because she was correct. I also knew she was correct when she told me that a lot of my problems are because I weigh too much.

One weekend, I was grousing about my neck and back, and she told me that she was tired me of me complaining and not doing anything about it. She begged me to see her chiropractor, and I decided to go to humor her. But it turned out to be a great experience. Her chiropractor also pointed out that I would find that I would have fewer problems if I started doing things to better myself mentally and physically, so that is how I got into meditation and yoga.

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