December 21

My Boss Depended on Me to Get the Job Done

When I was on a business trip, I found myself needing to postpone an important meeting because I could barely stand up. I was mortified because this was an important event, and my company had flown me out there to fix mistakes other executives had made. I feared that we would lose a very lucrative account. Rather than simply fly back home, I made an appointment with a Fort Myers chiropractor to see it this would help any. I did not know if it would do a little or a lot, but I felt that my job depended on me trying to do something about it.

I was in Fort Myers because fellow employees had really messed up an ad campaign they were working on. They really upset our clients. Both employees were taken off the campaign immediately, and our company CEO called me in to explain what had happened. He then asked me to fly out there immediately to try to fix the situation. I rushed home to get packed, and then I raced to the airport. I felt so tense and my body was very tense as I raced to the airport. Once on the plane, I reached up to put something in the overhead baggage and felt my back go out. My flight was filled with discomfort.

When I landed that day, I was pretty glad that my meeting was not that day. I had a chance to rest a little. But by the time I got up from my nap, I could only bend over at the waist and could not stand up. I hoped that I would be okay by the next day. I woke up the next morning feeling even worse and had to cancel the meeting. After my visit to the chiropractor, I was doing well and was able to reschedule and conduct business as normal.

Posted December 21, 2016 by Jimmy Dunks in category msarra