December 26

My Boss is in Bad Shape

Of course we are pretty sure that he was drinking when he hurt himself. Apparently this is becoming a pretty big problem in our society from what I have read and everyone knows that he has a problem with alcohol. Of course at the same time the man is getting old and the sort of thing a young healthy man would shrug off has real consequences for him. In this case he ended up needing a new hip and he is going to have to find a chiropractor in Bakersfield as well. The chances are that I am going to have to do that for him as there is not anyone else to do it and he is getting to the point where he does not function so well as he or I would like. At any rate that is going to be the first thing we do when he gets out of the hospital.

The big thing we are worried about is the pain pills that the doctors gave him. These are bad enough on their own, but when you mix them with alcohol they can really do a number on a man. There is not anyone to look after him either, his sons are both on the East Coast and rarely have anything to do with him. I sort of think that I need to hire some person to be a babysitter to him, but that is not going to go over well. No matter what else he is a really proud man and he would start telling you about how he survived the Korean War and all of this other stuff when you started to talk about that. He would never agree to it and I can not really make him agree to anything he does not want to do.

Posted December 26, 2016 by Jimmy Dunks in category msarra