January 4

My Husband Was Always Slouched over

I didn’t even notice that my husband had started stooping over as much as he had until I saw a picture of the two of us together. I thought that he was bent over on purpose until I saw a few other pictures and he was in the same pose. I knew that we needed to get him to a Redding chiropractor before the problem got so bad that he would require major help. I looked online at different chiropractors in the area, hoping to find one that is fairly close to us.

It did not take long to find the one I wanted him to see. I had to take care of all of it because he didn’t feel a chiropractor would be able to help him with this issue, but he was willing to give it a try because I asked him to do it for me if not for himself. I made the appointment for him, then we both went because I wanted to hear what the chiropractor had to say as well. As soon as we walked in the office, we were made to feel comfortable.

I was happy with everything the chiropractor told us not too much later about my husband’s slouching. While it was pronounced even without an examination, it was not so bad that he would not be able to help him correct the poor posture that was becoming a very bad habit. The chiropractor explained that it has to do with realigning the spine, and that a series of adjustments would be the first thing that would need to be done. This was not determined on that visit though. He had some testing done that included neurological testing, measurements, a spinal assessment and more. He has been seeing this chiropractor for nearly three months now, and he is definitely not slouched over like he used to be!

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