August 17

Our Entire Family Was Seeing the Chiropractor

The fist time I went to see a chiropractor in Peoria, it was because my ob/gyn thought that I was going to have a complicated pregnancy. She had told me that if I included a chiropractor as part of my medical team, that it could really help me when it came time to give birth. In fact, my doctor credits the care of the chiropractor for my pregnancy to have went as smoothly as it did because of the regular adjustments that I had done during almost the entire length of my pregnancy.

At some point during my second trimester, my husband also became a patient. He is in construction, and he is always so sore at the end of the work day. This is in part due to the nature of the work, but it was also because his body was not given the chance to recuperate. So, I was getting adjustments to make my pregnancy go much smoother, and my husband was getting adjustments to make his body feel better overall. Even after I had our first child, I still had regular adjustments because I just feel so much better after having one.

Our son was not even a year old the first time he came to the chiropractor’s office as a patient. I had him there prior to that but it was just to show him off. The reason I took him in is because he had his third ear infection, and I knew that something was off kilter in his body for this to keep happening. After his first visit, he had no more recurring ear infections, and he is now four years old. I cannot say enough good things about how much chiropractor care has helped my family, and that is the reason that all three of us still go on a pretty regular basis.

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