June 10

We Went to the Chiropractor for Each Other

I was not sure about seeing a chiropractor in Petaluma, but I decided to do it anyway because my wife was being so persistent about it. I work long hours doing a very hard job, and it does result in being in some pain a lot of days. She told me that I shouldn’t be hurting that badly though, mostly because she knows the other guys on the crew and none of them seemed to hurt like I do. I just figured i was built different. Anyway, I went to see the doctor she wanted me to see, just because I knew it would make her happy.

I am really glad that she was so insistent upon this. I was not convinced that it was the right move until after I had been there three times. The first couple of times felt really good afterwards, but it was not until the third time that I could feel a difference for longer than just right afterwards. The doctor had explained that it would take several manipulations of my spine for me to feel the full effect of it, and he was right.

The funny thing is that he made me feel so good, that I wanted my wife to go too. She had wanted me to go because I was always in pain, but she told me that she was not in pain at all. I knew that she needed to though because of the education I had received there just on spinal health. She finally relented and went, and she had equal success there. She used to get headaches on a pretty regular basis, and she no longer has that problem. We both went on faith and for each other, but we each feel incredible now. We are really glad we went!

Posted June 10, 2017 by Jimmy Dunks in category msarra