December 2

Weekend Sailing and a Need to Visit My Oceanside Chiropractor

My wife and I have a sailboat. we keep it at a local marina. We both are experienced sailors, but we are getting older too. I do not have the muscles and stamina I once had. I still like going out on our boat every weekend. I am an old-school sailor who does not even have an electric winch for the anchor. Every sail going up and down is done with ropes and hand winches. The last trip out had me visiting an Oceanside chiropractor for my sore back. I felt a sudden pain in my lower back when hoisting the main sail.

We stayed out the whole day. My back kept getting worse as the day wore on. It was having muscle spasms. We had lunch on the boat, and we were heading back to the marina to have dinner at our favorite restaurant. The downtime of sitting and relaxing at lunch really made me stiff in my lower back. I had a really rough time handling the work for the trip back to shore. My wife called our chiropractor as we made our way back in. We skipped dinner at the restaurant, and I had a friend stow things and sort our boat after the sail. We planned to come back the next day, and I just wanted to get my back treated.

I was in a hurry to get to my Oceanside chiropractor because I get results when I go there. Instead of being in pain for hours, days or weeks, the adjustment, massage and electrical stimulation for a deep muscle massage loosened my back right up. I felt so much better after the treatment. No more feeling those muscle spasms in my lower back. We were able to go back out the next day. It was warmer, and my back muscles were warmed up. I stretched this time before sailing too. Things went great, and our weekend of sailing was not ruined.

Posted December 2, 2016 by Jimmy Dunks in category msarra